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At Brocks Web Design, we want to build a long-term relationship with you, working closely to ensure the services we provide to you are exactly as you require. We ensure the project is tailored to suit your exact needs. Nothing is too much trouble for us and every detail is scrutinised until it exceeds all expectations.


We know first impressions are important. We design and plan carefully and meticulously to create a unique website that is stunning to look at, rich with quality content without being over complicated. Elegant subtle animations make all the difference. We use the latest technologies combined with modern day design and capabilities to ensure your website is fully unique.


When we design a website, we start from nothing, this ensures the website is fully custom. The advantages of this for us far outweigh the disadvantages. One of the main reasons for designing a website from scratch is you know the website inside out which enables much better control and optimisation of each aspect of the site. Other reasons include better page loading speed, performance and a better user experience.

A Website is KEY

A website is a key element to advancing and developing your business. Our web design skills ensure that your website delivers outstanding results to propel your business going forward, applying our thorough SEO knowledge and optimisation to maximise its potential, ensuring it engages with the correct audience whilst we keep you in the loop at all times and supporting you for years to come.

Fully Responsive

Fully Responsive design gets the most out of the device you browse on

fast page speed

Key optimisations enable our websites to load incredibly fast

beautiful design

A stunning, simple and elegant design creates a great first impression


Keyword research enables us to target the specific audience of your website


All websites are HTTPS as standard and have the latest security technologies


No templates are used for our websites, making each one 100% unique for you.

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How we optimise a website

There are many many things we do behind the scenes when developing a website, we list a couple of the things we highly prioritise.

Images — We compress and resizes images through trial and error, fidning the perfect balance between image quality, and page load speed, images too large in size and resolution results in your web page loading speed increasing, and your images too small in size or resolution results in your images looking unprofessional. We take careful time to fine-tune the balance. 

SEO — We take time to ensure all parts of a web page are correctly completed, including image alt tags, accurate and decriptive meta titles and meta descriptions, language set is correct as well as an accurate URL. Careful choice of keywords, (Google hate keyword stuffing, the act of typing a keyword over and over) along with good quality content.

Fully Responsive — We take considerate time to fully test websites, not just on a mobile, desktop and tablet, but different variations of each. We test several different mobiles, tablets and desktops across a range of operating systems and browsers to ensure the website performs flawlessly throughout. 

Google Search Console — We ensure Google Search Console is setup on each website, with the correct use of robots.txt and sitemaps to ensure Google can crawl your website easily, know what pages are on your website, the links your website contains and what your website is about. 

Speed — Regardless of what your website is or contains, we always aim for a less than 2 second website load time. We use several different tools, from several different locations, at several different speeds on several different simulated devices to ensure we not only meet, but exceed a website loaf speed of less than 2 seconds.

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