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Very Secure Doors was initially built on Serif WebPlus back in around 2011. Due to Google becoming more mobile friendly year after year, the website was then re-evaluated in 2017 and carefully planned to transition it to new software and technologies which would give a fully responsive mobile design with a fresh but familiar look. 

It was a time consuming process to ensure it had the exact same structure as it did originally which is key for SEO purposes. Early 2018 it was transitioned over smoothly to a whole new website and software. The website has been updated since and a lot of time has been spent on optimisaton, page speed and performance.

1500+ IMAGES

Upon the redesign of Verysecuredoors, every detail counted. For example, the Rockdoor Jacobean page has roughly 61 images of different doors, colours and glass designs. At full resolution, these images are around 500KB each. That may not sound like a lot for an image, but when you start having 50+ of these on a single page, it becomes a huge issue, especially on slow connections.

After much optimisation these 61 images came in at a total size of just 1.2MB, down from 28MB. These original images were at a resolution of 1028 x 2344 so they were very sharp, but at a major cost. The optimised images were cut down to just 360 x 821, nearly a third and around 22KB in size roughly whilst still being sharp at the sizes they were being displayed at.

Further optimisation

There were many things server side that we enabled for Verysecuredoors, this included a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to deliver resources faster. Keep-Alive connection was enabled and g-zip was enabled to name a few basic things. We updated the expiry headers for nearly all components of the websites, and added cache busting to ensure the latest changes are always shown if there are updates to what a user has in their cache.

All links were checked and scrutinised to remove any 404 errors and ensured all redirects needed to working and accurate to their intended locations. Very Secure Doors always gets comments on how people love the website.

Very Secure Doors Page Speed

Fast and Efficient

Very Secure Doors website loads incredibly fast, it is well known a page load of under 1s is incredibly hard to do, especially containing multiple images, but all our expertise combines to ensure this is achieved on an unthrottled connection, ensuring the bottleneck were very minimal

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Very Secure Doors website is fully responsive, meaning no matter what device you are using, it is designed to fit the screen size and resolution and keep the same familiar layout throughout. All websites designed by us are mobile-first.

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