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What is SEO

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process to enhance both your quality and quantity of web traffic leading to your website and increasing your exposure through what is called ‘Organic” search results.

SEO has long been a complex area, with Google consistently changing and updating algorithms to make them better, helping people find what they are looking for easier and quicker.


how important is seo?

SEO is very important to all websites, with hundreds of different variables involved to determine how good your SEO is. It is well known that organic search results from good SEO get you lots more clicks than PPC (Pay Per Click). It can take time to build good SEO, but you can help speed up the process and increase your SEO by analysing websites, and correcting on-site or off-site errors. Using the latest technologies is another area which help you with SEO.

What can we do for you?

We can perform a web audit on your website to quickly establish area’s that need improving. There are a lot of different things we look at, even the most basic SEO is not implemented on a lot of websites, due to time saving and cost cutting.

We can give you a detailed but simplified PDF breakdown of your website and highlight errors and warnings that are not helping with your website SEO. We can guide you through errors, explain and help fix them.

our seo implementations

We look at numerous things when improving SEO and performing a web audit. We use some of the best tools available to scan your website and easily pinpoint weak areas. A basic typical SEO web audit consists of:

- Internal and external links
- Images
- Titles and headings
- Metadata
- Canonical
- Redirects and 404
- Indexing and Robots

whats important to google, is important to you.

Google has very complex algorithms to determine SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Nobody knows exactly what Google’s algorithms are for determining the SERPs, but there are lots of evidence of things that should and should not be done, and how you can increase your chances of ranking your pages higher on SERPs.

There are a couple of well know factors that rank very highly in Googles view.

Mobile Friendly / Responsive — As mobiles have become ever so more accessible, Google is used more on mobile rather than desktop today, so Google now look at mobile sites first before desktop sites.

HTTPS — Having your site as HTTPS rather than HTTP is a big ranking factor, it builds authenticity and security and this factor is another one of the things Google looks for first when crawling a website.

Page Load Speed — Nobody likes to wait, and a website’s load speed has a major impact not just on SERP, but on user experience, conversions and sales. Longer page load speeds correlate with a higher bounce rate, and a high bounce rate is not good as this tells Google user do not find your content useful.

The sweet spot for website speed is 1 to 2 seconds as excellent, and 3 seconds maximum.

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