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Below are some of the projects we have completed. Each website has been built and designed from the ground up by us to ensure perfect consistency across devices. 


Verysecuredoors is a family run business that my family owns. It has gone through multiple revisions since 2012 using different tools and software to develop the site. It has been fully optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile since early 2017 and is extremely fluid and responsive. A huge amount of time was endeavored to ensure high quality images were retained that used extremely small amount of data (each door image is between 5KB and 15KB, yet remains sharp). There has to be a balance between high resolution images but also the size of the images as they were over 500KB each originally which is no good for the website as its not unusual to have more than 20 door images on a single page which would equate to 10MB on just 1 page! This website is updated very frequently, with ever changing door designs, hardware, colours and information.

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