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Learn about who we are, our background in the IT and computer industry, why we setup Brocks Web Design and what makes us stand out from the rest.

Founded in early 2019.

Brocks Web Design is a small company located in Derby. It was setup by Josh who runs another family business in which the website has been solely developed by Josh and has excelled over the last 8 years, gaining a fantastic reputation for being extremely professional and providing a first class service. Our aim is no different. We strive off giving a hassle free and first class service for all your web service requirements. Josh has come from an IT background through a hobby of computer hardware and building computers, to computer software, web optimisation and web designing. 

A web service like no other

With such huge experience self-gained in all 3 of these departments over the past 5 years since leaving school I realised it was an industry that I could excel in and get involved with to provide a service and end results like no other. We believe trust is a key factor as there are a lot of things one could skip when designing a website that most people would not know about, it’s a bit like taking a car for a service, you don’t really know what goes on behind the scenes but with Brocks Web Design, you can rest assured that we go to extreme lengths down to the smallest detail to ensure you get the best possible results and the service you asked for is fully met to the highest standards.

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